Alyssa Milano is a Hypocrite

This kind of crap really burns me up:

For context: Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden is confusing regressives by being all these things at once:

  1. their likely best hope for a win against Trump,
  2. white, male and straight,
  3. really grabby with the ladies.

Tits McGee's post above demonstrates how willing they suddenly are to overlook sexual harassment and even defend a straight white male when he's on the right team.

It's really weird though for her to say "I believe women" only to immediately also handwave a woman's sexual assault claims by dismissing them as "an uncomfortable invasion of personal space & boundaries." That's kinda what sexual assault is, you airhead.

She's got one thing right -- the two situations aren't quite the same. In one case, the accuser offered no proof at all, dragged out a simple process to a months-long circus and walked away with millions of dollars in her pocket. In the other, the democrats and their Hollywood friends circled the wagons and defended the accused and slut-shamed the accuser.

Dumbass Milano and her comrades would probably still post stupidity like this even if someone produced a video of puppet master Biden wrist deep in a six-year old. That's how batshit insane these people are now.