Another Day, Another Twitter Ban

Twitter really has a hard-on for Jonathan Yaniv, a pedophile using a fake "transwoman" claim as a shield against any and all criticism. Details here. They suspended my account again (this is ban #5) for posting a tweet about him, calling it "targeted harassment."

He openly talks about asking 10-year-old girls for tampons and is actively pursuing complaints in Canada's "human rights tribunal" (a kangaroo court where defendants have almost no legal rights) against 15 separate salons for refusing to wax his balls.

They're going after pretty much anyone who talks about the guy, even going so far as to ban literal feminists. My own post was pretty benign (and I'm too dumb to have copied it before the Twitter gestapo forced me to delete it), but here's a post by Kiwi Farm's owner Null that also caught the ban hammer:

Great hill to die on, Twitter. Surely this will win over Congress and the rest of the population growing increasingly tired of your bullshit.