Ban-Happy Dumbass Gets Banned, Whines About It

I love watching people being hoisted by their own petard, and this moron is no exception. In the article, he whines about being banned from Twitter for telling someone to kill themselves by overdosing on a narcotic:

He goes on to explain how he works tirelessly to get other people banned for offending him, then engages in my favorite behavior -- showing all the horrible things people say to him that mean ol' Twitter wouldn't ban them for saying.

Every time one of these imbeciles does this, they demonstrate that the kind of things they say to other people are far worse than whatever it is other people are saying that offends them so much.

Without exception, these SJW types say some of the foulest, nastiest things to their enemies. They openly wish for the injury and destruction of everyone they disagree with, labeling any kind of dissent as violence, harassment and abuse. They organize outrage mobs with the goal of hurting their enemies as much as possible, and of course they love trying to get people banned for every perceived slight.

And they can't take any of what they dish out. When the ban hammer comes for them, they freak out even harder than they do when someone criticizes them.

Enjoy the ban, you self-righteous prick! Maybe you'll think twice before you mash that "report" button next time someone offends you with an opinion different from yours. Oh, who am I kidding? Of course you won't.