Banned from Twitter for Mentioning Jonathan Yaniv

Looks like Twitter's serious about defending this pedophile:

At least they didn't bother demanding I delete the post this time.

There's a little red banner on my home page when I log in that says my account's suspended. I've appealed, but the little warning at the bottom of the message shown above about not trying to evade a permanent suspension suggests to me that they're not planning to re-enable the account. If that's the case, good riddance. I won't bother creating a new account. Twitter can rot in the sun if they're so eager to defend pedophiles from exposure.

What I will do, however, is start making more noise about this guy and his friend Morgane Oger, an obnoxious politician from British Columbia (thanks, Canada) who's been helping aggressively harass a women's shelter focusing on rape victims for nearly 15 years and seems to be actively pulling strings to help protect Yaniv.

It's time to find reliable hosting to move off this host before these two shitheads decide to come after it. I'm no Kiwi Farms and don't have much SEO experience, but I'm allergic to censorship so it's time to take the gloves off.

edit: they've sent an automated reply to me via email suggesting they flagged/suspended the account because it looks like a bot; kek ... their verification system is notoriously slow to actually work, but I'll jump through their hoops and see if they'll unlock the account. That won't stop me from publishing about this asshole separately though.

edit 2: they're standing by their decision; my account is no more:

"Hateful conduct." Holy shit, Twitter. Calling out a pedophile is "hateful conduct." Let that sink in, folks.