It's interesting that the MSM seems to be ignoring this #MeToo story accusing Joe Biden, presumptive Democrat nominee for the 2020 presidential election, of sexual assault.

I'm not joking – they really are silently ignoring the story:

No mentions of Tara Reade at all on the mainstream news sites

I should be used to this by now, but the "newsmakers" still sometimes manage to astonish me in how brazenly they carry water for their masters:

"We found he didn't sexually assault anyone, except for all those times he did."

(fun fact: the NYT deleted this tweet, presumably after realizing how goddamn stupid it was to admit something like this)

Edit: The NYT also updated their story to completely remove the claim that no misconduct had occurred, and they did it because the Biden campaign told them to:

The NYT is totally not a propaganda arm for the DNC, we swear!

Now don't get me wrong – this is an accusation that stems from decades ago and is just as bogus as the claims against Brett Kavenaugh during his Supreme Court confirmation hearing, but the media hyped up that accusation (and ensuing circus) like it was the single most important story in America for nearly an entire month. The utter silence here is very telling.

It's curious that they're not even trying to get out in front of the accusation by briefly mentioning it and then (accurately) dismissing it out-of-hand because of how long ago the alleged event happened. Maybe they're dimly aware of the trap they'd be walking into – having people rub their Kavenaugh coverage in their faces – and decided to just try to memory-hole the news instead.

Something tells me Twitter and Facebook won't be allowing the topic to trend, either. Just call it a hunch.

"Believe all women!" Except when they accuse someone inconvenient...