Dissenter Extension Banned by Google and Mozilla (Firefox)

Well that didn't take long. Two web browsers with roughly 75% market share have now banned an extension that adds a comments section to any web page and allows users to discuss them without censorship by the web site itself. Because free speech is "problematic," right?

We can't be letting the proles comment on web pages on their own, now can we? Sorry, citizen, you may only speak on officially sanctioned sites on sanctioned topics using only language we approve of under penalty of banishment to sites other than Facebook and Twitter if you step out of line.

Alternately: "if you don't like it, go build your own web browser and your own internet!"

Not to worry, though -- you can still install the extension by hand so you can carry on having conversations about anything on the web even when a page or site has no comments section and/or actively tries to prevent discussion. For now, the dissenter.com domain itself hasn't been blocked in either browser and the service itself so far hasn't been attacked in any meaningful way either.

Not that I don't expect the censorious left to try it. They fear nothing quite as much as they fear dissent.