Dumbass Mayor Fails Basic Diplomacy, Takes Victory Lap on Twitter

Forgetting that "diplomacy" involves such abstract and inconceivable concepts as "meeting people you disagree with politically to discuss your differences peacefully" and "considering the possibility you've misinterpreted someone's words" and even the radical, experimental theory of "maybe you're actually wrong on this one," presidential hopeful New York Mayor Bill de Blasio threw a temper tantrum and successfully ran off Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for his supposedly "homophobic" opinion that maybe we should be trying to stop sex trafficking and exploitation of minors, especially homosexual ones (who are more vulnerable).

Casting aside any concern for appearing less-than-presidential by bombing basic Diplomacy 101, de Blasio took to Twitter to beg for head pats and take a victory lap:

Jair Bolsonaro just learned the hard way that New Yorkers don’t turn a blind eye to oppression. We called his bigotry out. He ran away. Not surprised — bullies usually can’t take a punch.

@jairbolsonaro Good riddance. Your hatred isn’t welcome here.

— New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, announcing the (effective) end of his short presidential campaign

His Twitter sycophants wasted no time fellating their hero, congratulating him for contributing to a worldwide sex trafficking crisis that's especially cruel towards its non-heterosexual victims and embarrassing the city of New York by openly insulting and turning away a foreign head of state. Curiously, the New York Times couldn't be bothered with the actual content of what Bolsonaro had to say that's so deeply offended the snowflakes (though it cracks me up that they're suddenly not so excited about legalized sex workers now that a conservative leader welcomes it). Do they even have any investigative journalists left over there, or is it just bloggers at this point?

Fortunately, Bolsonaro will still be visiting the United States later this month to meet with competent (i.e. Republican) leaders to get some actual work done while New York's cosmopolitans huff their own farts and de Blasio hides himself away in Brooklyn to avoid doing his actual job.

See more feverish masturbation about this "victory" in the New York Times piece or view it here in this archive copy (directly snapshot from here because of the NYT's endless jacking around to thwart efforts to archive the stupid shit they say):