Fascism Speaks, and It Waves a Liberal Flag

Just for the record: 8chan, the site liberals are so offended by (that they claim has no moderation), spotted and deleted the Christchurch shooter's "manifesto" within minutes of it being posted -- a response time far better than Facebook's in removing his livestream of the horrific attack. There's also no evidence suggesting that the more recent Walmart shooter ever visited or used the site either.

A recent Salon article breathlessly explains that all the world's evil is highly concentrated onto a single website named 8chan and proudly proclaims that censoring or destroying it, and censoring and banning all its users anywhere they dare pop up their heads, will achieve world peace, end hate forever and make us all fart rainbows.

Give the article a read and pay close attention to its overall message. You're reading the words of a fascist, explaining his brand of fascism plain as day and arguing for its immediate application with a barely-disguised piece of modern day propaganda.

This is real fascism you're seeing in that article, not the kind Trump's detractors accuse him of, but actual, life-threatening fascism. It's obvious that this article's author doesn't just want a web site shut down. He wants its owners, operators and users exposed, shunned, jailed or worse. Their crime? Expressing opinions he dislikes.

That's it.

In his world view, it's "talk out of line, get a bullet to the head." That's exactly what this creep wants and without being too obvious about it that's exactly what he's saying in this article.

Real fascism -- the kind practiced by actual fascists throughout history, and not this fruity "omigod Trump said something mean, what a fascist!" crap -- follows this exact pattern to the letter. Identify dissenting opinions, censor and ban them, ostracize and vilify those expressing them, then purge them. They rarely have the balls to say it in modern times, but I think we all know exactly what kind of "purge" they want to see, and it makes me eternally grateful that it's conservatives and red states that own the overwhelming majority of firearms and ammunition in this country and not this pack of lunatics.

The concept of "free speech" is something that absolutely terrifies the radical left because it's one of the last things we still have that can successfully counter their destructive and dangerous ideas. 8chan is one of the few places left on the internet where free speech truly is possible, and that has made it a constant target of censors and ne'er-do-wells who can't bear the thought of being criticized.

8chan has long been a target of this kind of rhetoric. The site steadfastly refuses to delete or ban anything that isn't literally illegal to post in its host country (the United States, where "freedom of speech" is still an enshrined right) and allows users to post anonymously. That's enough to draw the left's ire -- its users are immune to the usual tactics of harassment and stalking often employed by the left whenever honest opinions are discussed, and so opinions flow freely and so do the ensuing discussions.

Naturally, to someone who's accustomed to shouting down, silencing and attacking their enemies (while ruining their lives) to avoid criticism, disagreement and ridicule, this is an upsetting prospect. The left is quite fond of this, so it's easy to see why 8chan gets their panties in a bunch.

All calls for 8chan's destruction are accompanied by examples of "horrible things people say there," offered as incontrovertible proof that all its users are monsters who deserve to be slaughtered. Again, these would-be censors never actually say that last part, but they're all thinking it. The examples they provide often include a generous peppering of words like "nigger," "kike" and "faggot," as if their presence automatically disqualifies any value any post featuring them could ever have.

Those examples are always cited as reasons to shut the site down. Apart from vague claims that somehow discussing racism will lead to pogroms against <insert pet victim group here> led by "basement-dwelling neckbeards," they never seem to adequately explain why exactly the people discussing "offensive" ideas amongst themselves deserve to be silenced.

It's easy to find "offensive" commentary on 8chan (and even its gentler sibling 4chan, whose own censorship policies led to 8chan's founding in the first place) -- it's one of the few places left on the internet where it can be posted at all. As it turns out, when you drive away all commentary you don't like, it ends up going somewhere else instead of just vanishing.

It's as true now as it always has been: censorship doesn't work, and the people who keep trying it anyway are the real fascists. Unable to withstand even the slightest ridicule or criticism, they seek to silence it instead.

You never want people like that to be in charge. They'll come for you just as fast for criticizing a policy decision just as fast as they'll go after the guy who says "faggot" on an anonymous internet basketweaving forum like 8chan.

Vote them out and keep them out. Never let them take control, because they'll happily kneel on your back to keep you quiet once they get it.

By the way, Salon is also pro-pedophile, just in case guilt-by-association is something you find appealing.

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