Feminist Cafe Overcharges Men, Goes Out of Business, Blames Men

It's all too rare these days to get some genuinely good news, but here's a healthy dose of happiness.

The feminist-owned and operated cafe made headlines by controversially charging men an 18% surcharge for the crime of being born men, proudly proclaiming that all the "whiny" complaints were just fragile masculinity. In fact, they're still blaming fragile masculinity and not their own mind-bogglingly stupid (and illegal) discrimination for the failure of their business.

Hello, person who hates me for who I am! Please charge me a lot more for this product or service than you would normally charge!

    — No one ever

Activists never accept responsibility for their own failures.

It's okay, though. Their shitty attitude will keep them company as they tear down their business at the end of the month. I'd say "maybe it'll give them time to reflect," but we all know they'll just fume and grumble about the patriarchy as they finally work a kitchen long enough to clean it.