Hollywood Comes Unglued (Again)

Hollywood isn't taking the Mueller news very well. The pattern goes like this:

  1. Actor/actress/director/producer/whatever gives a predictable, pro-left anti-conservative hot take, usually attacking and/or insulting President Trump, predicting his imminent demise.
  2. Proof emerges showing that they're been full of shit all along.
  3. People rub this in their faces.
  4. They handle the criticism professionally and calmly ... lol no just kidding, they flip out like toddlers having their favorite toys taken away.

I used to really like Ron Perlman, for example. But it seems he just can't stop himself making shit up so he can keep screaming at OrangeManBadTM:

Historians, take note: Russia is on the verge of bankruptcy and is fast approaching "regional power" status. North Korea is also (famously, for the first time in decades) coming to the table to negotiate re: its nuclear weapons. Violent crime in the US is on the decline and has been for the past 25 years. Those poor kids "kept in cages"? That never happened either.. As for saving the environment, we'd be doing it a great service if we could figure out how to cork Perlman to keep his hot air to himself.

Alyssa Milano isn't handling things much better, though at least she's taking the straight up "denial" approach rather than vomiting vulgarities and shrieking at dissenters:

This is the "we never cared about Mueller anyway!" backflip you'll be seeing a lot more of in the coming weeks as it finally dawns on these people that they've been lied to and/or lying to everyone else. I also included the last two of dozens of posts she made right before these, wherein she went down the list of all the people indicted during the Mueller investigation as conclusive proof that Trump is guilty ... of something ... for some reason ... because people he knew did bad things before he knew them. Cough.

That includes over a dozen random Russians who were indicted and then stunned the Mueller legal team by actually sending counsel to court to represent them, leading to Mueller's team to panic and beg the court for more time to prepare its actual evidence (they'd been hoping for a default judgment) then quietly drop the indictments later once the press quit paying attention.

I liked Milano so much better when she was showing off her naked body in such classics as Embrace of the Vampire and Poison Ivy 2...

Rosie O'Donnell has gone radio silent since the actual summary letter sent to Congress was released to the press. Before that, though, she was still dishing out seething hatred:

Psst! Nobody tell them President Trump has already publicly gloated (on Twitter) about the findings. It's funnier to let them think he's afraid to be seen in public.

She also reminded me how disappointed I was when I learned Bette Midler had succumbed to Trump Derangement Syndrome as well:

Incredible. "No matter what it says, he's still evil and bad and nasty and a big mean doo-doo head." Keep screeching, puppet.

Chelsea Handler has chosen the "lol so randum" edgelord whore approach to dealing with the stress:

Ooookay... thanks for sharing that tidbit with us...

Cher keeps writing like she's a teenager trying to text for the first time while shouting to the world that a report concluding Trump's innocence proves he's the second coming of Hitler somehow:

On a personal note: fuck every one of you who dares to make comparisons like this to one of the worst human tragedies in recorded history. You know you're full of shit and you know you're wrong, but you just have to keep flinging that Hitler insult like it means anything. Six million Jews would beg to differ, and you're spitting on their graves with talk like that. You too, Cher. Fuck you.

Just about the only Hollywood actor to come out of this thing looking like a hero is the always-charming James Woods, who never bought into this bullshit in the first place and has been a steadfast voice of reason amid a sea of Hollywood liberal insanity. Of course, even he couldn't resist getting a quick jab in: