Jonathan Yaniv is Excited to Allow Boys to Watch Naked Girls In Locker Rooms

Canada's most infamous pervert Jonathan Yaniv (alias Jessica Yaniv) couldn't contain his excitement earlier today at a ridiculous ruling that holds girls have no right to "visual bodily privacy" from boys when showering or changing in locker rooms as long as they're not being touched:

Edit: He deleted the tweet. Thankfully, the internet never forgets.

Isn't it a great feeling knowing that a tampon-obsessed pedophile is openly celebrating the stripping of women's rights (and bodies)?

Dumbass is going to get himself shot at this rate. I can't imagine many parents would be okay with the thought of him ogling their daughters as they shower. But he's already taking steps to wriggle himself into the school system to get his paws on those juicy student bodies:

Let that sink in, folks. He wants to give your daughters pads and tampons, and he's delighted that boys can now legally watch girls shower.