It's so predictable, you can set your watch by it. Recently, China gave US journalists the boot. In the linked article by the BBC, a UK journalist breathlessly explains how this is an unprecedented attack on journalism, but manages not to be critical of the Chinese government for doing this, preferring rather to call it a "mistake" and practically begging the Chinese to reconsider.

As much as they're fellating the Chinese government, you'd think they were on the payroll (spoiler: they are). But despite this having absolutely nothing at all to do with President Trump (who condemned the action), this BBC author couldn't help but find ways to complain about him anyway.

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump angered China by referring to the coronavirus as “Chinese”.

Remember, this is an article about the Chinese government refusing to renew the visas of over a dozen foreign (US) journalists. That's a decision made by the Chinese in an attempt to cover their own asses – foreign journalists aren't quite as scared of the paper tiger as its own citizens are and can prove quite inconvenient with their questions (when they actually decide to ask some) – and has nothing to do with US actions. They're scrambling to hide their real death figures from Wuhan Flu to save face.

Far be it for a journalist to tell the truth though instead of just screeching about Trump some more.