Liberals (and a Disney Producer) Want Kids Killed for Supporting Trump

Preface: all of these people are upset about something that didn't actually happen; even the mainstream media is, in a startling display of self-awareness, backpedaling furiously away from its initial coverage of this "event" after conclusive proof they'd misrepresented it (shocker) emerged.

This is what Disney Producer Jack Morrissey (producer of Beauty and the Beast) had to say earlier today about the kids at the center of the Covington controversy:

This man is responsible for producing Disney programming appropriate for children, and he's openly fantasizing about killing them if they wear the wrong hat.

He's since made his Twitter account private, but it's too late -- the internet never forgets. If Disney has any sense, they're already drafting their apology and handing him a pink slip. This is a very bad look.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter hasn't banned him for his direct call for violence. They reserve that punishment for opponents of pedophilia.

With posts like this flooding the Twitter hugbox in recent days, I'm finally beginning to wonder when liberals will finally start committing real violence en masse. It didn't feel like a real possibility just six months ago. Even James Hodgkinson's shooting of several Republican congressmen seemed like a one-off and the actions of a single crazed nutjob.

Today liberals are calling for harassment and open violence against children:

Even celebrities want in on this violent action:

(yes, that's Kathy Griffin demanding details on how to find these children)

Here's a call for forced "re-education" of the targeted children:

More calls for violence:

And here's a final (for now) heartfelt "fuck you" to Twitter for their duplicity in spreading this violence: