Morgane Oger is Really a Man Named Ronan

This is Ronan "Morgane" Oger:

Tell me that's a woman. I dare you. Now do it again but with a straight face this time. Go ahead; I'll wait.

Incidentally, saying any of the above in Canada will see you fined $50,000 and wrestled into a kangaroo court calling itself a "Human Rights Tribunal" which will literally order you to call ... that ... a "woman." I'm not joking.

Amusingly, part of the $50k fine his victim is being shaken down for was ordered because he (the victim, not the tranny) refused to take the "tribunal" seriously (which he was correct for doing) and wore a custom-made shirt reminding Ronan of his real first name throughout the proceedings. The tribunal literally fined him (again, the victim, not the tranny) $20k because he hurt their (the tribunal's) feelings. I'm still not joking:

The article linked above describing this nonsense in the most tranny-friendly way possible isn't just using Oger's bogus pronouns because they've drunk the kool-aid or out of courtesy to the deranged imbecile; they're doing it because they can be fined if they don't.

Canada is lost.

America, thankfully, is not, and it affords me the freedom to call this ghoulish joke of a man exactly what he is: a vexatious, litigious woman-hating piece of shit.

Take your best shot at me, Ronan. This isn't Twitter and you'll find me quite difficult to silence here. I own this platform, and I hear the webmaster is as sick of your gender shit as I am.

More details on this creep at Kiwi Farms.