Mr. Sulu Was Too Cool For This

C'mon, George, this shit's really getting old. Of course, the same can be said for every imbecile still clinging to this desperate "#resistance" nonsense.

Though I suppose by shitting on Trump supporters instead of mindlessly shrieking at the man himself, he's still one rung above his fellow celebrities losing their fucking minds over the Mueller nothingburger. Have any of these people offered up any constructive political ideas, or is it still all just "durr Trump suX0rs, lulz"? It's been almost three years now...

Besides, you can respect someone wearing a MAGA hat (if you're not a raving lunatic). This shirt tries way too hard to be worth anything but an awkward chuckle. People will still talk to Uncle Bob at the family barbecues because he can speak like a human, George, but they'll all carefully avoid the guy wearing the "please come smell my farts with me" T-shirt.

The left can't meme, but it's fun to watch them try.

Edit: lol, he's not even wearing a real shirt -- it's a photoshop:

He is actually trying to sell the shirt, though. Thanks to Kiwi Farms for catching this one.