My 2017 Skyrim Modlist

For the Skyrim playthrough I began in 2017, I've got a lot of mods installed to make the game more entertaining. I'm running the newest release of the original version of Skyrim (not the special edition). I'm using Mod Organizer 2 ("Beta 3"; v2.0.7b) to wrangle everything. You can grab a snapshot of my load order lists here (7-zip required to open).

In addition to the mods listed below, I'm also using some tools to make it all work:

  • LOOT - The Load Order Optimization Tool - rearranges the load order of installed and enabled mods and plugins to minimize (or eliminate) conflicts and stability problems

  • Fores New Idles in Skyrim (see the mod list below) - enables support for mods that add or replace character/model animations

  • Bodyslide (see the mod list below) - allows character body customization and adapts all installed clothing and armor to accommodate the new customizations

  • TES5Edit - a general-purpose Skyrim editor; used in this installation for plugin cleanups

  • Wrye Bash - a general-purpose mod editor; used in this installation for the "bashed patch" feature which merges conflicting mods so they can work together

Here's the list of all the mods I'm using in my playthrough, complete with links to their pages on Nexus Mods' Skyrim section along with download links. Enjoy!