New Zealand Melts Down

In the wake of a mosque shooting last week in New Zealand, the government there (and sadly, a sizable portion of the citizens as well) has been attacking personal liberty and freedom of speech with great gusto while doing everything imaginable to prostrate the nation before the altar of islam.

Freedom? What's that?

-- New Zealand Government, circa 2019

The shooter famously recorded (and broadcast live) the entire shooting on Facebook and uploaded a manifesto explaining his motives. The New Zealand government has gone all-out in its efforts to scrub the video and manifesto from the internet, and naturally the world's media establishment (and the "big tech" dweebs in Silicon Valley) are only too happy to oblige. Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Mega and all the other big names in social media and file hosting have all scrambled to delete every copy of the video and the manifesto they can find on their own networks, while everyone from the New Zealand government to nanny-state advocates worldwide have made screaming complaints to every ISP and webmaster involved in hosting the material anywhere else.

The New Zealand government immediately banned access nationwide to sites like Kiwi Farms, 4chan and 8chan. Kiwi Farms hosted the video and refused to take it down, and since the site's owner operates his own ISP to host the site, complaints to KF's "ISP" have met with ridicule and failure. 8chan is the site where the shooter first posted his manifesto and a link to his Facebook page where he later streamed his attack, so it became a natural target as well. As for 4chan? They didn't actually do anything and had no involvement at all (neither did 8chan, apart from being the place the shooter happened to post), but hey, dissenting opinion gets posted there, so why not ban that too?

Speaking of banning dissent, the government also banned access to the new service Dissenter (which I highly recommend), which adds a comment section to any web site anywhere on the web. Can't have any unsavory opinions being posted willy-nilly now, can we? Australia followed suit with similar bans.

The government bans were merely a formality, of course -- the ISPs of New Zealand all cheerfully engaged in this gratuitous censorship of their own accord.

More disturbing than these acts of censorship is the immediate criminalization of sharing, keeping a copy of or even viewing the video or manifesto themselves in New Zealand. They're literally threatening people with fines and jail time just for trying to see the video, and upping the penalties for daring to share or host them directly. Sadly, that's not just on paper. They've already made arrests. Crazy bastards.

Not content with embarrassing themselves with such blatant assaults on free speech, New Zealand became the world's most enthusiastic gun grabbers overnight, banning all "military style" rifles (in a vaguely-worded directive that every American gun grabber dreams of passing in the US) and essentially any firearm that can hold more than five rounds at a time.

The buy-back will cost tens (or even hundreds) of millions of dollars of taxpayer money. Oh, and the government gets to keep their own guns. Wouldn't want the rabble thinking they can do anything about their government's overreach, would we?

It gets even better. In complete, total, abject fear (and rightly so) of a violent muslim reprisal, the entire country of New Zealand has completely bent the knee and bowed low to grovel at islam's feet. The country's Prime Minister has been parading around wearing a hijab and looking like an idiot. The cultish "call to prayer" that muslims deal with five times per day is being broadcast on every national TV and radio station. And New Zealanders are all being encouraged to play "dress like a muslim" day this Friday, a week after the shooting, as a "sign of solidarity." Sadly, plenty of citizens are falling for it hook, line and sinker.

Critical discussion of all this is naturally being banned everywhere liberals have their hands at the controls, and they're doing all they can to clamp down on places where they don't (see the continued attacks on KF, 4chan, 8chan, Dissenter, etc.). The New Zealand subreddit on Reddit openly warns people that any discussion of the topic of free speech or gun rights will be immediately banned. They cheerfully point out that New Zealand has no concept of free speech, and neither does the sub. Cheery thought, eh?

So the world's burying its head in the sand and groveling at the feet of the islam monster begging it not to start killing yet more people, all because of a few muslim deaths, and trouncing personal liberty and freedom at every step along the way.

I don't know why anyone bothers trying to cozy up to muslims. They never stop killing.