Schadenfreude, Part II

This week just keeps getting better and better (thanks to Kiwi Farms for this one):

It makes my cold black heart beat a little faster to see this kind of karmic retribution come so swiftly for these smug jackasses. With any luck, these HuffPost and Buzzfeed layoffs are just the first of many and all these "opinion piece" hacks will find themselves looking for actual work.

These idiots are also getting pretty miffed about the "Learn to Code" meme reminding them of their past discourtesies:

Really, dude? Quoting journalists is now a violation of Twitter's TOS? "Targeted harassment campaign?" Could someone please give this shithead a swirly? Clearly he wasn't bullied in school enough to learn when to keep his dumb ideas to himself.

I still can't get over this "journalist" (who also got laid off in this last round) openly boasting of the fact that she has a Ph. D. in "Romantic Comedies." That's at least six years of college, even at a joke college (it's a sure bet we can call any college that offers such a doctorate a "joke college"). She spent at least six years of her life (and likely went into heavy debt) earning an utterly worthless degree. I wonder if she had to take a Beyonce Studies class.

What the hell does this even qualify her for? I really want to see the ad for a job that requires or prefers a Ph. D. in Romantic Comedies. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in any interview this moron does where she's asked to explain that degree in detail as an incredulous interviewer listens, dumbfounded.