SJWs Learn A Little Too Late They Shouldn't Have Encouraged All That Censorship...

Social justice types have long advocated for censorship of opinions they disagree with on platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. They're commonly heard saying things like "I believe in free speech, but..." followed by an explanation as to why someone specific deserves to be deprived of it.

The very monster they helped create has come home to roost, as now a pack of whiny SJWs is suing Google for censoring them. They even lash out against the classic "they're a private company, so they can do what they want" argument the SJW crowd trots out every time someone else complains about being censored:

"If they want to be a private company they should tell people, 'we discriminate,'" he said.

Maybe they shouldn't have argued for heavy censorship in the first place. Maybe now they won't be so eager to smugly warn off others from complaining. The funny thing is there's now plenty of proof that Google does in fact discriminate despite claiming they don't:

Another Google insider, who has come forward already, told O’Keefe and other media outlets recently that it is the programers at Google who use the algorithms to manipulate the information to advance its leftist agenda.

You can grab a torrent of that 950+ page leak here, by the way. Great reading for anyone who wants to see how much Google seethed internally after Trump won in 2016 >:)

They also seem to really have something against Yu-Gi-Oh for reasons I can't fathom. Seriously -- they blacklist a whole bunch of legitimate, popular Yu-Gi-Oh related web sites from their search results and I can't for the life of me figure out why.