Steam Adds a Convenient Way to Filter Out "Woke" Garbage

Steam recently added a shiny new "LGBTQ+" tag to its storefront which, combined with the "Tags to Exclude" feature on the preferences page, allows users to filter out and hide obnoxious political spam masquerading as "games."

I can think of no legitimate reason not to exclude this tag from Steam's store pages. Any developer who goes out of their way to proclaim "LGBTQWTFBBQ+!@## content inside!" is peddling politics and not entertainment, and certainly shouldn't be paid to jam their politics down a wayward buyer's throat (kinks notwithstanding). Any game whose main claim to fame is its "woke" content is guaranteed to be more concerned with identity politics and similar garbage than it will be with "actually being fun to play," a subject likely given practically no consideration during development.

It's nice when annoying people (accidentally) go out of their way to help reasonable people avoid them. This behavior is to be encouraged.