systemd Continues to Be Complete Crap

Do you like having your workstations and servers able to resolve local names via DNS? Tough shit. At least if you're running systemd.

The default configuration for systemd's DNS resolver is to run a "stub" DNS server on the local machine which then proceeds to ignore DHCP-provided DNS information. Stupid standards, what are they good for anyway?

In a development that should shock no one, Lennart Poettering (systemd's "inventor") thinks it's your problem and naturally concludes there's nothing wrong with systemd. Again.

So, here's how to fix this problem that totally doesn't exist and won't be fixed by the jackass who jammed this piece of shit down our throats. You have two options:

It astonishes me that systemd has become so deeply ingrained in the Linux ecosystem. All the wisdom of decades of system administration and software development was tossed aside in the name of this "one ring to rule them all"-style software that's not only stuffed full of bugs but is managed by someone with an ego big enough to fill a stadium who will never admit there's a problem. It's the users who are wrong, not systemd.

As a final bit of salt in the wound, Poettering ended up locking the "discussion" on GitHub:

Sorry, but given how the quality of discussion has degraded and the number of inappropriate comments I had to delete has increased I have now locked this issue. I will unlock this again in a few days when things have become quieter. Thank you for understanding.

That was on September 13, 2017. He never unlocked it.

Fuck systemd and fuck Poettering. Pulseaudio sucked too, and that one was his "baby" as well.