I think this article is without a doubt the most selfish, arrogant and narcissistic piece of drivel I've seen emerge from the toxic soup of our modern journalism "industry."

Seriously, what is this shit?

For the most part, quarantine means sitting at home, wondering if my wife and I will test positive, too. It means getting up each morning and hoping you have no symptoms, getting dressed with nowhere to go — not work, not morning service at the synagogue, which is closed, too, not even shopping for groceries.

Yeah. No shit. That's exactly what a quarantine means – you stay home and keep to yourself until the danger has passed. It's not just danger to you we're concerned about either. It's the danger to everyone else around you that also matters.

People like this make me sick (heh). He's "stuck" at home, with all the conveniences and comforts modern society has to offer – indoor plumbing, running water, electricity, climate control, refrigeration, internet connectivity, you name it – and he's whining about how miserable he is being "trapped" in his own home. Boo-hoo, you big baby. Cry a little harder.

This is what internet binges are for. Hit up Pirate Bay, download all your favorite TV shows and movies, order some grocery delivery (I'm certain that service exists in New York, and they don't even have to interact with you and risk infection) and have 'em include some popcorn, fix up a nice drink, and curl up with your wife under a blanket on the couch to binge-watch it all. This isn't hard.

This attitude among the spoiled brats of our society is what will spread the Wuhan Flu far and wide across the United States. This dipshit doesn't seem to understand (or care) that just staying home enjoying his own creature comforts for two weeks is enough to help contain this outbreak and prevent further infection.

The most amazing thing about this article is how he cries about his community is somehow being "oppressed" (as if they're the only people being forced to deal with this outbreak) while simultaneously complaining about having to take steps that will protect him and his entire community. You can't have it both ways, champ – do you care about your community or don't you? If you do, why should you be exempt from the quarantine process that will protect it? That would threaten your community, dumbass.

Who wants to bet his synagogue can easily run its daily and weekly services for its members electronically? It's not like they couldn't just hook up a webcam and broadcast on Twitch or Youtube for free. Under circumstances like these, you'd think that going out of your way to electronically attend church services because you can't attend in person would earn you some brownie points with the big guy upstairs, right? "Dude, there's a literal plague down there but you lot are still getting together to pray to me? Hot damn, gold stars for everyone! But seriously, stay the fuck home for now."

That's about all I had for this post. I mostly just wanted to call this guy out and tell him he's being an asshole. Sit down, shut up, stay home and enjoy yourself. How often does this culture tell you to relax at home for awhile and actually mean it?