The Media is BEGGING for Violence at Joker Showings

It's pretty hard to deny at this point that the media is desperately hoping something happens at a Joker showing. I'm still not convinced this isn't just some disturbingly effective guerrilla marketing by the distributor, but it's been hyped up enough that one can't help but think the media really wants something to happen.

Although I should be upset at the media providing the hysterical tyrants on the left with more excuses to hate men, the fact that they've gotten themselves so wound up over the idea of "incels" running amok killing moviegoers left and right just cracks me up.

This is about as stupid as the ADL declaring the "okay" hand gesture to be a hate symbol (yes, they really did that). They've taken a joke and whipped it into something to be terrified of. This makes it perfectly acceptable to laugh our asses off at them while they cower in fear of their bogeymen.

If you actually have a life and don't pay attention to every retarded internet slap fight out there, you probably don't know what an "incel" even is. The morons at the FBI and U.S. Army sure don't -- they're all too happy to treat them like ISIS. The term "incel" refers to a person who considers themselves "involuntarily celebate." Rub two brain cells together and think for a second what that really means: the media is demonizing people who can't get laid and are bummed out by that.

And to think, progressives are supposed to be sex-positive, but here they are shaming virgins again.

They've clung tight to this excuse to hate men because of Elliot Rodgers, the dingbat who got angry that girls didn't want to sex him up and went on a shooting spree. He left behind a manifesto lamenting his lack of success with the ladies, and the narrative took off from there.

What's truly insane is how the media is pushing this idea of violence breaking out at a showing of a movie about a comic book character. It's palpable -- they want it to happen. They've probably already got articles pre-written, just waiting for names to fill in the blanks once the body count goes non-zero, breathlessly blaming sexless men for all the ailments of the world.

Keep that in mind if you go see The Joker at your local theater. The media hopes you get shot. Enjoy the show!