US Team Wins 13-0 Against Thailand in Women's World Cup, and the SJWs Aren't Happy

Yesterday in France, the US team utterly pummeled Thailand's team in a 13-0 blowout in the Women's World Cup. The usual suspects are already whining that the winning team had the audacity to celebrate their victory.

What a pile of shit. How soft do you have to be to whine and cry when the winner celebrates winning? Toughen up, you pansies. Take the "L" and move on. Maybe learn how to play the game better. Just a thought.

The only real insult to arise from the game came from the US team's resident dangerhair Megan Rapinoe's childish refusal to sing the US national anthem because of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Yes, really. Orange Man Bad, so fuck all you pesky fans and patriots, I guess.

She's also made sure to let the world know in advance that she's ready to snub the leader of the free world if her team wins the World Cup and scores an invite to the White House. I'm sure we're all relieved to hear that. I was worried tyranny might reign there for a minute.

SJW stupidity aside, congratulations to the US Women's Football team! Forget the naysayers, and celebrate that hard-earned victory. You deserve it.