When Twenty-Somethings Wear Diapers

It amuses me to no end that this very same generation that swears it will #Resist and punch nazis and fight fascism and blah blah blah can't seem to sit still for three hours without literally pissing themselves:

You can argue whether this particular post was made in jest or if this lunatic is actually serious, but it's harder to argue the same for MTV's curious take on the movie's length, calling it "ableism":

As in the case of Endgame, longer runtimes bring to the surface the discussion of #PeeMath, a hashtag created and used by the disability community over the past few years. "Pee math" is calculating how long we can be out and about — or, in this case, sitting in a dark theater — before we may need a bathroom break.

Holy shit, guys. This is some of the most amazing entitlement I think I've ever seen.

I can get behind making modest changes to support the disabled. That's why we have things like handicapped parking spaces and toilet stalls, wheelchair ramps on all public buildings and sidewalks and full support for closed captioning baked right into every television set sold in the United States since the 90's.

But expecting self-censorship because you can't hold your water? What a fucking joke. You aren't being denied a "fundamental right" by being expected not to piss yourself in a movie theater. Go to the god damned bathroom and have a friend tell you what you missed (after the film, please). Wear a diaper. Wait for the home release. Pirate the bloody thing (we're just talking about film here anyway ... what are you doing paying for this crap in the first place?). Quit shitting (literally?) on people who can actually sit still for 3 hours without filling their pants. It's your problem to cope with, not ours. And if you piss in your seat, it's still your problem, because you're the asshole, not us.