Woke Mortal Kombat: Cover Up the Women, Get Rid of the Violence?

There's a new Mortal Kombat game being released soon and there's a hype train having trouble steaming away from the station because of a bit of controversy swirling around it.


They've covered up the women:

In all the above examples, the ones showing skin are from MK9 or MK10; the covered up versions are all from MK11. But don't worry, all the men are still topless and dreamy (every male character has at least one topless outfit):

I especially love this weird notion that women don't wear "bikinis" and prefer to cover up instead when they fight:

Somebody better tell the UFC!

Oh, and they're insulting fans who complain about this and telling us they "don't want our respect". No problem, pal, you aren't getting it.

Then there's this idiot who seems to think Mortal Kombat is too violent:

We're long past the days where blood and gore made Mortal Kombat the hallmark fighter it is today. These fatalities seem like a relic of the past and have the opposite effect of something like Dragon Ball FighterZ's cinematics. I'm all for Boon and NetherRealm sticking to their roots, but at least give me the option to turn fatalities off or offer a toned down version.

This man is not a gamer. He does not respect gamers (and in fact I think he hates gamers given his celebration of the punishment of "toxic" players). He's a poser.

It looks like MK 11 isn't going to be worth buying anyway. In fact this latest leak featuring fan favorite Mileena suggests things aren't getting any better:

Fuck me, though, right? I'm just a pesky potential buyer. Just someone whose money they apparently don't want. Oh well. Guess that's another game I don't need to bother myself with. Eat shit, Nether Realms. These AAA studios can't crash and burn fast enough.