"Woke" Riot Employees Helpfully Volunteer for Layoffs

Disappointed that making unfounded accusations of rape against coworkers without evidence doesn't actually work in court, those same grumpy woke employees at Riot have threatened a walkout in light of a stern legal reminder from their employer that they all signed arbitration agreements.

They're apparently also still really pissed about farts:

One of the major points of discontent, a source pointed out, was the continued employment of Riot COO Scott Gelb, who Kotaku reported as having “‘ball-tapped,’ farted on or humped employees, remains in his position after a two-month unpaid suspension and training.”


"Just fire the boss! We don't like him or his farts!"

That's not how it works in the real world, kids, and I can't wait to see the pearl-clutching followups to this quietly reporting on "sudden layoffs" at Riot.

The talk of unionization in the games industry cracks me up even more:

Talk of unionization, greater worker rights, and improved labor conditions have been a steady drumbeat in video games the past few years, prompted by endless reports about crunch—such as Kotaku’s pieces on the brutal developments of Red Dead Redemption 2 and Anthem, and Polygon’s recent report about Fortnite—and the massive layoffs at publishers like Activision Blizzard, even as the company reaps in record-breaking profits.

(that's twice now the trashbin Kotaku has been referenced in this article, and it's pissing me off; be better "journalists," Waypoint!)

Here's how things work in the realm of Information Technology. And yes, computer game development falls under that umbrella. For every employed person, there are ten more people eagerly waiting to take their job the moment they quit or get fired. They are willing to work more hours for less money. Depending on their immigration status, they may even be willing to tolerate more "bullshit" (i.e. "crunch time") from their employers than their predecessors for fear of losing immigration sponsorship or legal status. Hell, this is even more true for game development than it is for the IT industry in general.

Unionization only works when all (or at least most) of the available labor force can come together to form a union. If an employer can simply hire an entirely new staff when the old one mouths off too much (or talks of unionization), they'll do it. It's cheaper, faster and easier than dealing with grousing from the rabble.

Want to know what happens every time Wal-Mart employees talk about unionizing? They close the stores and go elsewhere.

Riot isn't Wal-Mart, but even small companies can just straight-up lay off unionized workers. It's not like unions can even protect workers anyway, like in this recent example where a newspaper laid off unionized workers just after it signed a new labor agreement with the union that required said union to drop its complaint against the company for wanting to outsource its labor. Whoops.

These whiners at Riot have just painted giant targets on their backs. They're replaceable, and when they finally are replaced, they'll stand there dumbfounded for a few moments wondering which yellow rag to run screaming to first before it dawns on them that all their union rhetoric and wokeness amounted to nothing.