You'll Never Be Good Enough

Here's a fun one for you. This example focuses on the various irredeemable evils white people possess by virtue of having white skin (I guess) but it highlights one of the many fundamental flaws of SJW thinking. I'll explain below.

There's all sorts of fun stuff to "unpack" here. According to this person, if you're white:

  • you will never be good enough and are automatically, irredeemably guilty;
  • you must constantly feel uncomfortable and ashamed of yourself;
  • you must constantly apologize to non-white people for being white;
  • you must constantly "work" to redeem yourself;
  • you must amplify the voices of the people who hate you for being white;
  • you must read anti-white materials produced by people who hate you for being white;
  • you must buy books and other products produced by people who hate you for being white;
  • "do your homework"

That last little post at the end is probably the best part of this chain of retardation:

"Muting tweet so I won't see replies."

Brilliant. Say something stupid, insulting, offensive and racist, then silence the replies so you won't have to endure any criticism for the drivel you've posted. Straight from the SJW playbook. Note that despite having "muted" all replies to this chain of idiotic posts, this person will invariably cry "harassment!" in a few days once enough critical replies have been posted.

This sums up the entire SJW movement in a nutshell. You're guilty, you're not good enough, you'll never be good enough, you can never make up for your crimes, but you must always try to do so anyway or else you're an even more horrible person. Know your place. And no talking back, either. Criticizing your betters? That's harassment, and that makes you even worse.

The only winning move is not to play. Never grovel, never apologize, never capitulate. If an SJW mob targets you, there is only one correct response: "go fuck yourselves."