Fallout 4 Mod List   Aug 12 2016

Here's the list of mods I'm running for my current playthrough of Fallout 4. Some caveats:

  • I use Mod Organizer 2 to install and manage this installation. As of this writing, it's still a "beta" for its Fallout 4 support, but so far it's worked just fine for me.

  • The list has been programmatically generated, and all the mods are listed in arbitrary order. I've tried to move prerequisite mods to the top of the list, but you should use LOOT to ensure your installation's mod order is correct.

  • I don't have any of the Fallout 4 DLCs, so whenever a mod gives the choice, I've always selected the "non-DLC" version. NOTE: LOOT doesn't seem to understand this when configuring the "Remove Interior Fog" mod, and it enables all three ESP files, including the two for the DLCs. If you don't have the DLCs installed, you'll need to deactivate the Far Harbor and Automatron ESPs for this mod in the Plugins tab in Mod Organizer after updating the module load order with LOOT. This must be done each time LOOT rearranges the load order.

Click a mod's name to view its page on Nexus Mods or its "download" link to directly download the specific file and version I'm using. When multiple items in this list link to the same mod, it means I'm using all the individual listed files from that mod.

Last updated August 12, 2016.

Have fun!

Willfe's X Rebirth Mod List   Mar 30 2014

I've been asked several times to list all the mods/extensions I'm using for my X Rebirth: Back in the Sandbox series on YouTube, so here's my list!

  • 5k Scan Range -- Increases the scanner range for station info and trade point scans to 5km, making station scanning much easier and faster. No more constant bumping into station modules, either, unless you're actually trying to.

  • AutoTrader -- Adds automated station and sector trading and mining. Note: While technically profitable, this doesn't make much money. It's mostly useful for trying to keep the economy going.

  • Build Shipyards -- Permits construction ships to build player-owned shipyards.

  • Captain and Defense Officer Overhaul -- Improves the behavior and performance of defense officers (on ships and stations) and captains. Also includes optional "ignore jump fuel" feature, which eliminates the requirement for jump fuel on all jump-capable ships (they just start the jump sequence immediately, regardless of fuel carried).

  • Configurable Mass Traffic -- Permits reduction (or elimination) of various types of mass traffic near stations. Enables/disables stardust, nebulae and debris fields.

  • Core Shields -- Adds hull (i.e. ship-wide) shielding to capital ships.

  • XRebirth Shining -- Improves textures, planets/stars and backgrounds throughout the game. Replaces the "grandma" textures.

  • Realistic Highways -- Eliminates "fake" traffic in highways. Eliminates drafting feature in highways. Doubles booster speed in highways. Makes booster duration infinite in highways. Note: I've modified my copy of this to change the multiplication factor from 2x up to 6x. I'm an impatient little bugger.

  • Pimp My Skunk - Cleans up the Albion Skunk to look like a fully-repaired, clean and well-maintained craft (inside and out). Note: I've also installed the optional ScanModes_GlassRefl add-on for this mod, which keeps glass reflections and scanner mode highlighting enabled.

  • Player Jump Anim -- Permits the player ship (the Albion Skunk) to jump to any known system, sector and zone in the game (without jump fuel). Note: I've modified my copy of this mod to reduce the jump delay time to 2 seconds and to eliminate the visual effects for jumps (they annoyed me).

  • Yisha Hot Mod -- Makes Yisha's outfit a bit more revealing (still safe-for-work though).

That's all I'm running at the moment. Hopefully there's something here for everyone. Good hunting!

We Did It! Over $500 Raised for Children's Hospital Colorado!   Nov 03 2013

Thanks to all of the wonderful people who supported us all during my marathon 25-hour livestream yesterday, we beat our original goal of raising $300 and reached a stretch goal of $500 to benefit Children's Hospital Colorado during Extra Life 2013! Our total for the event was $505!

I couldn't have made it through these 25 hours without the kindness, support and encouragement of everyone who joined me on my channel for audio or text chat, who played multiplayer games with me (to help add variety to the "show"), donated server resources to support our play and made this event a day (and night) to remember!

I am truly humbled by everything all of you did to support this effort, and I am grateful to all those who made donations.

Thank you for making this happen. I couldn't have done any of this without you!

25 Hour Livestream Event Benefiting Children's Hospital Colorado and Extra Life   Oct 31 2013

This Saturday, November 2, 2013, starting at 8:00am EST, I'll be livestreaming for 25 hours straight an assortment of single-player and multiplayer games on my Twitch channel to raise money for the Extra Life event, benefitting the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and, specifically, Children's Hospital Colorado.

Donations are tax-deductible and 85% of all donated funds are sent directly to the hospital being sponsored (hurrah for low overhead). Please support our efforts by donating what you can -- every donation helps!

Joining me periodically throughout the day will be family, friends & fans of my livestreams, and we've got quite a bit planned for this thing to keep folks entertained.

Here are some of the planned highlights:

Guest Commentators

TheNicoFabi, leader of the "Daily Dream" team I've joined on Extra Life to help raise money for Children's Hospital Colorado, the always lovely Nicole and the reliably insane randomgameuser42 will all join me on the livestream for voice chat and commentary at various points in the livestream, depending on their availability.

Terraria Multiplayer

Nicole and I have rolled a brand new Large world in Terraria, and at the same time as the stream starts, I'll be launching a public TShock server to run the new world and make it available to myself and my livestream fans. The server will remain online throughout the 25-hour livestream (even when I'm not actually playing Terraria on the stream), and periodically I'll hop into Terraria on-stream to see how folks are getting up to and to play the game myself.

The server will be configured to ensure that all connecting players start "fresh" -- roll new characters for this one because even if you connect to the server with a well-equipped character, they'll still only have starting equipment when they arrive in our game world. This is being done to ensure a level playing field for everyone and to encourage exploration of the game world. Character equipment is preserved on the server when disconnecting, so players are free to leave and return without losing the equipment they've earned in the server's world.

Note:Server URL and connection credentials will be posted once the server goes online on Saturday morning.

X3: Albion Prelude w/X Rebalance Mod

The mainstay of my normal weekly livestreams will naturally get its share of attention during this marathon livestream. I intend to focus on proper empire building (with mass production and distribution of profitable wares, as well as supplies for my hopefully burgeoning fleet).

We'll also periodically save the game and go into "goof off" territory where the rules don't apply and nothing that happens becomes "canon" -- what happens when we spawn a dozen Large Orbital Weapons Platforms in Kha'ak space and surround each with a ring of fire? How many ships can Willfe destroy in 60 seconds via "ramming speed!" in the Val Killer with "god mode" enabled? Can Willfe successfully wage war against one of the factions (besides the Xenon or Kha'ak)?

No experiment is too silly and ideas are welcome! Join the livestream chat to offer up your own suggestions for fun things to try in the X3 sandbox!

Left 4 Dead 2, Borderlands 1/2 and Magicka Multiplayer

TheNicoFabi will be joining me for multiplayer mayhem in these (and possibly other) games, and for those games that offer support for more than two players, the invitation will go out on the livestream chat for folks who'd like to join us in-game for a round or two. We'll try to get as many people in as possible, so depending on demand we may have to limit individual gameplay sessions to 20 minutes or so to make sure other folks get a turn.

Defense Grid and Rise of the Triad

It's been quite awhile since I've played some Defense Grid and I've never played the new Rise of the Triad, so this marathon livestream seems like the perfect opportunity to do both! Note that for me, the appeal of Rise of the Triad was always the over-the-top violence and silliness that isn't truly revealed until the cheat codes came into play, so I'm mostly going to be interested in goofing off there instead of trying to play through the game seriously (I'm also pretty lousy at FPS games, so it's unlikely I'd get very far anyway).

Join Us For the Fun!

Join us on my Twitch channel, starting at 8:00am EST on Saturday, November 2, 2013 for all the fun & games! Spread the word and encourage people to donate to support our cause -- remember, every donation helps!

We hope to see everyone there this Saturday! It'll be lots of fun!

The Great X3: Albion Prelude Add-On List   Oct 02 2013

Updated January 6, 2014: Added the Freight Distribution Network and Crystal Free Solar Power Plants add-ons for great fun and profitsss!

Ever since I began my X3: Albion Prelude w/X Rebalance Mod series on my Youtube channel, the most common question I've gotten has been "hey, can you list all the mods you're running?" I've meant to write this up for a long time, but for various reasons, including surgery, work, depression and laziness, I never got around to it ... until now. [Insert dramatic music cue here]

So, better late than never, I present the mighty...

List of Add-Ons Used for Willfe's X3:AP w/XRM Youtube Series

Unfortunately I don't remember which order I installed everything in, so if you're trying to duplicate my setup, make a backup of your working (vanilla) installation first before you begin. Here's what I do remember from setting everything up:

  • Complex Cleaner needs to be installed (and enabled in-game) before installing X Rebalance Mod. They work fine together when installed in this order. Note that Complex Cleaner requires the unusual step of "double initialization" -- after installing it, you need to load a saved game (or start a new one), save it, then load it and save it again to fully initialize the mod.
  • It is vital to read the first post of the X Rebalance Mod's official forum thread, both to learn how to install the mod itself and to find out what caveats, if any, apply to other mods you intend to install. A list of mods known not to work with XRM is also provided there.
  • With everything listed below installed, my game's music seems to get stuck. The same might happen to you, or it could just be a one-off glitch that only I experience. I thought I'd mention it just in case, though.

If I later discover I've omitted an installed add-on, I'll add it to this list. I appreciate everyone's patience as I assembled this list.

The Base Game

For this installation, the base game is Egosoft's X3: Albion Prelude version 2.5.1. Note that the newest versions of X Rebalance Mod are compatible with the newest version of X3: Albion Prelude (v3.1 as of this writing). I haven't upgraded my installation to these newer versions because the older saves aren't compatible with the newer XRM versions (they might technically "work" but none of the new plots or features will be available, apparently).

The Add-ons

All of the following mods and add-ons have been installed and enabled in my game installation for the video series. Links are provided for each add-on and versions are listed whenever they're known. If no version appears next to a given module, assume the latest available version has been installed.

X Rebalance Mod, v1.26d

The grand game changer itself. This add-on is essentially a total conversion mod for X3: Terran Conflict and X3: Albion Prelude, introducing boatloads of new star systems, ships, weapons and features and balancing and tuning existing ones, adding new game features and drastically changing how the game looks and performs.


  • I needed to disable the engine trails added by this add-on to get reasonable in-game performance on my machine. I used the instructions from this Egosoft Forums thread to do so.

Docking Computer Ware Size Fix for CODEA

This simple add-on ensures the Docking Computer can be installed on all ships, overriding X Rebalance Mod's default configuration that only permits its use on larger ships.

Cheat Collection Package, v1.62

This package is useful for staging specific things prior to recording or broadcasting and dealing with (and recovering from) glitches (e.g. undocking an M7 or larger ship from my complex hub in Antigone Memorial, which immediately destroys the ship if done in-system because of the weird placement of the docking ports caused by Advanced Complex Hub).

X3AP Bonus Pack, v5.1.0.0

This useful collection of community add-ons includes things like Turbo Boosters, Commercial Agents and the immensely helpful Hephaistos Corp. Station Building Service, which removes most of the drudgery of building immense complexes (by automating the purchase and deployment of up to 125 stations at a time). If only it could deploy mines on asteroids ... sigh :)

Advanced Complex Hub, v1.0

This add-on replaces the regular Complex Hub (created by Complex Construction Kits) with one that can dock unlimited fighters (M3, M4 and M5 classes), 20 freighters (TS, TM and TP classes) and 2 capital ships (all remaining classes).


  • The new Complex Hub alters the flight paths for docking (for all ships) and requires significant space around it (especially in the "front") when docking and undocking capital ships.
  • In my installation, the clickable "target" for the new Complex Hubs doesn't actually correspond to the physical model, and docked capital ships look like they aren't actually docked or connected. This could just be a glitch in my installation, though.

Logain Industries Capital Ship Energy Cell Generator (CSecG), v2.05

This add-on provides a new piece of equipment, the Energy Cell Generator, that can be fitted to capital ships to permit them to generate their own supply of energy cells when conditions permit (e.g. laser and shield energy is at 100%). This is very useful, as it ensures any equipped ship has a ready supply of energy for jumps.

Move to Coordinates, v1.00

This simple add-on adds a single command to the Navigation menu, permitting the (drunken) autopilot to move a ship to a specific position in a system, specified by coordinates.

NPC Bailing Addon, v1.7.8

This add-on has brought great joy and happiness to my installation, as it adds the potential for all NPC-piloted ships in the game to abandon ship when they've taken enough damage. It happens more frequently for fighters and more rarely for bigger ships. Abandoned ships are claimable by the player.


  • This is one of those add-ons that can be considered "unbalanced" because it makes obtaining rare and/or difficult-to-capture ships a possibility without actually attempting a boarding operation. Because of the frequency of fighters abandoning ship, the add-on can also be a big money maker. The add-on is very adjustable and configurable though (via in-game menus) to reduce the "cheating" feeling.
  • It is supremely awesome to stumble upon an abandoned Xenon or Kha'ak M6 or M7 by chance when exploring a busy sector.

Salvage Claim Software, v4.11

This immensely useful add-on brings lots of salvage-related commands, miscellaneous ship management (and repair) commands, makes the mighty Aran actually useful and includes plenty of "kitchen sink" style functionality (like stealth satellites).


  • This is another "feels like cheating" add-on, especially given the functionality to automatically search all known sectors (with satellite or owned ship/station presence) for unclaimed/abandoned ships, claim all abandoned ships in a sector and strip and sell them on the spot (while docked at your carrier) without having to bother with flights to a shipyard.

Salvage Commands and NPCs, v1.5

This add-on bolts even more salvaging functionality onto the game, enabling ships to be set to autonomously claim, gather and repair abandoned ships either in a given sector or throughout the universe. It can also add NPCs that also go salvaging to "compete" with the player in an effort to balance things out.


A simple but useful add-on, this enables all jumpdrive-equipped ships to automatically use their jumpdrives (fuel permitting) to execute all regular commands.

Docking Lockup Fix & Docking Computer Use

This add-on fixes potential game-crashing situations involving docking and undocking, and adds the ability for all ships equipped with a Docking Computer to actually use it when docking (they automatically dock once they're close enough to a station instead of going through the motions of flying to the docking clamps).

Hitting Jumpgates Causes No Notoriety Loss

This add-on prevents accidental (or intentional) collisions and attacks on jumpgates from causing any notoriety loss with any of the races or factions. This is especially useful with the big, lumbering ships that are prone to bonking into the gate's frame as they exit from a jump and heavily-armed ships that love to shoot at enemies ... and accidentally also hit nearby jumpgates with weapons fire.

Ring of Fire & Stealth Satellites

This add-on adds a Ring of Fire command to ships capable of carrying lasertowers. The command deploys the specified number of lasertowers in a ring around a specified point and along the specified axis, or directly surrounding a jumpgate if specified as the target point. If the deploying ship has enough microchips available in its cargo bay, the resulting lasertowers will be "stealthy," not appearing on the system map (or owned property panel) unless they're actively engaged in an attack.

Complex Cleaner, v4.09

This impressive add-on facilitates the construction of truly gigantic complexes by "crunching" existing player-owned stations in a system into a smaller set of comparable stations (i.e. ten Solar Power Plant XL stations get turned into one "FACT Energy Cells (50)" station).

It also improves framerates in systems containing these massive complexes by eliminating the connecting pipes between stations and, more impressively, by moving all "crunched" stations inside a great big (easy-to-render) metal box that just floats in space a reasonable distance from the complex hub that glues them all together.

MARS Fire Control, v5.24

This add-on drastically improves the intelligence of all equipped ships' turrets, which now automatically choose the best targets to shoot at with the ship's available weapons and automatically equip the best weapon most likely to actually hit the target and cause significant damage, taking weapon range and speed and target speed and distance into account.

It also adds "Goblins: your obedient minions," which do everything from flying decoy missions against enemies (to increase the number of targets they have to contend with while the player attacks) to gathering loot left behind in crates after battles have ended. They can also handle missile defense (which is also improved for turrets by this add-on).

Freight Distribution Network

This add-on automatically distributes the products produced by, and resources required by all of your factories to where they're needed (without using transport ships), ensuring that all your factories continue running as near to "constantly" as possible. To further support your factories, an optional feature permits the add-on to automatically buy missing resources not already present in your network and transport them (again, without transport ships) to the factories that need them. It can also (again, optionally) sell excess products or resources within your network to outside buyers.

Finally, it concentrates all the resources & wares in your network at a single distribution center (the player headquarters, a player-owned trading station or shipyard, etc.), making it easier to outfit ships as desired. It can also transfer stored wares to any owned ship instantly, and provides a "virtual storage facility" to house additional inventory beyond what the distribution center can physically hold.

It essentially gets rid of the requirement to use actual freighters to move wares around; with FDN installed and fully enabled, all your factories become one giant conglomerate production facility, only buying things they can't produce themselves and storing excess production (or selling it for profit).


  • This add-on works with Complex Cleaner, and in fact eliminates the need for actually combining all the crunched stations into a single, gigantic complex. CC can (and should!) still be used to crunch stations, but the final "connect it all together" step isn't needed anymore.

Crystal Free Solar Power Plants

After installing this add-on, each solar power plant you own (or subsequently build) in the game has a station command (available via the command console for the station) permitting an upgrade to the plant to eliminate the crystal resource requirement, at a hefty cost per-station. The end result is a power plant that simply runs forever with no inputs, constantly churning out energy cells at its maximum production rate.

A bit of a cheat? Yes, arguably. The initial upgrade cost offsets this somewhat, but over the long term, yeah, it's probably a borderline cheat.


  • This add-on does work with the "custom" power plant stations produced by Complex Cleaner, believe it or not! The upgrade cost goes way up (50,000,000 credits!), but it's still available.

Numeric Race Ranks

This add-on adds a numeric value to all rank displays in-game, making it much easier to understand and gauge player rankings with all the game's races and factions (as well as trade and combat rankings).

Pure X HUD, v2

This add-on beautifies various HUD elements in-game, making target icons more visible and distinguishable and subtly improving other display elements as well.

Marine Repairs and Training, v2.03

I've honestly never (knowingly) used this, if only because I'd forgotten (until now, as I inventoried everything installed in my game) I had it installed. From the package description:

Marines repair your ships, stations, AND COMPLEXES automatically. Now with marine training based on repair experience and configurable fees. Marines receive on-the-job training while doing repairs. Training costs about the same as vanilla but is faster (when the marines are doing repairs).

This seems pretty useful, so I'll have to give it a try.

Support Libraries

These additional library add-ons are also installed because they're required by one or more of the above add-ons.