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My "Factorio Mark 3" Playthrough Mod List

I was asked recently for a rundown of the mods I'm running for my most recent Factorio playthrough series on Youtube, "Factorio Mark 3". Here's the list!

  • Bottleneck
  • Creative Mode (Fix for 0.16)
  • EvoGUI - Evolution Factor Indicator and more
  • Factorissimo2
  • Fully Automated Rail Layer
  • Helmod: assistant for planning your base.
  • Lighted Electric Poles +
  • Squeak through
  • Upgrade Builder and Planner
  • Warehousing Mod
  • What is it really used for?

These are all available via the in-game mod browser.


Want to Get Suspended From Twitter? Just Mention Zoe Quinn!

Preface: For lots of information on Zoe Quinn, a.k.a. Chelsea Van Valkenburg, I recommend the Lolcow Wiki and Kiwi Farms, which are both well-researched and comprehensive sources.

It's astonishing that after almost four years after Gamergate that infamous human trampoline Zoe Quinn somehow still has this kind of influence. Honestly I figured I'd eventually get suspended for not leaning left enough and taunting arrogant liberals, but apparently I just needed to call Chelsea a piece of white trash to incur Twitter's wrath:

It's my first suspension. I'm so proud :)

I've didn't delete the "offending" post. Instead I filed an appeal. "Promoting violence" my aching ass. I can't wait to see how they justify the suspension. I want them to show me how much they love their town pump.

This is exactly what caused GamerGate by the way. Quinn's Lolcow Wiki page explains it very well:

Zoe Quinn is infamous for falsifying her own harassment, in a fashion not unlike fellow professional victim Brianna Wu. Also similar to Wu, Quinn had inordinate levels of influence within the games industry and the press therefore, and was covered extensively by them due to her professional connections with them. Quinn's affiliations were such that wielded enormous amounts of indirect power, able to get social networking sites to lock down individuals critical of her and an army of followers willing to lie, threaten, dox, and harass on her behalf.

(emphasis added)

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube owner Google are deeply infested with people who support this kind of nonsense. Sadly, suspensions like mine are nothing new. It's already well established that all three companies actively ban or censor conservatives, moderates and "anti-SJW" personalities. It's trivial to penalize someone on any of these platforms simply by claiming harassment (whether it's actually happened or not).

Twitter is especially "sensitive" to Quinn's needs. To this day, making a post that contains the name "Zoe Quinn" and the name "Chelsea Van Valkenburg" will provoke a suspension almost immediately. It's fully automated. If you've got a burner account handy, give it a try! It'd be impressive if it weren't pathetic and a little bit frightening.

Take special notice that there are no groups on Twitter's "Trust and Safety Council" that concern themselves with freedom of expression, free speech, or the First Amendment. Every one of them wants to stop people from saying things.

Is calling someone "white trash" nice? Nope! Is it harassment? Absolutely not. Anyone who claims otherwise is a professional victim. Be on the look out for their Patreon account. They're sure to have one.

What people like this consistently fail to understand is what happens each time they silence someone with a ban or a suspension. The idea isn't destroyed. The speaker isn't really silenced. They just go somewhere else and speak a little louder. Liberals keep repeating this mistake with their "no platforming" antics thinking it's going to force people to come around to their way of thinking. It doesn't work. It gave us President Donald J. Trump. Good job, jackasses.

I'm sure some random thirsty beta Zoe Quinn orbiter saw my post and flagged it as "harassment." I know she didn't, because she blocked me long ago (in fact I think it was a block bot that did so on her behalf -- she's every bit as lazy as her "productive output" suggests), but she inexplicably still has plenty of sycophants out there eager to silence anybody who doesn't worship at her feet.

If they'd just let it go without comment, that'd have been the end of it. Ask my friends and family how I react to being censored. Hell, ask IBI Global. That one was fun. I punched them so hard they scurried out of court and changed their company's name to escape the embarrassment.

But whoever took offense to that Twitter post didn't just grumble and move on, and so now I've written and posted this blog, and posted a link to it on Facebook. I'll probably also post a brief YouTube video about it too. Will anybody ever actually read the post or watch the video? Maybe not. But there's always a chance I've just opened someone's eyes to the deeply-entrenched cronyism that's infesting the tech industry right now by posting this. What's important is it's out there now.

Of course, Facebook could decide to punish me for this post as well and demand I remove it. YouTube could decide to restrict, memory-hole or delete the video. I guess we'll see. They're both as infested as Twitter. Quinn and her ilk will find they'll have more trouble convincing the administrator of willfe.com to punish this reckless maverick author. I hear the admin's a real asshole >:)

My 2017 Skyrim Modlist

For the Skyrim playthrough I began in 2017, I've got a lot of mods installed to make the game more entertaining. I'm running the newest release of the original version of Skyrim (not the special edition). I'm using Mod Organizer 2 ("Beta 3"; v2.0.7b) to wrangle everything. You can grab a snapshot of my load order lists here (7-zip required to open).

In addition to the mods listed below, I'm also using some tools to make it all work:

  • LOOT - The Load Order Optimization Tool - rearranges the load order of installed and enabled mods and plugins to minimize (or eliminate) conflicts and stability problems

  • Fores New Idles in Skyrim (see the mod list below) - enables support for mods that add or replace character/model animations

  • Bodyslide (see the mod list below) - allows character body customization and adapts all installed clothing and armor to accommodate the new customizations

  • TES5Edit - a general-purpose Skyrim editor; used in this installation for plugin cleanups

  • Wrye Bash - a general-purpose mod editor; used in this installation for the "bashed patch" feature which merges conflicting mods so they can work together

Here's the list of all the mods I'm using in my playthrough, complete with links to their pages on Nexus Mods' Skyrim section along with download links. Enjoy!

Welcome, Dear Reader!

Greetings! Willfe here, resurrecting the willfe.com domain with a fresh new website with almost nothing on it! :)

The previous incarnation of the site was powered by Django Mingus, a very nice blogging package put together using Django (go figure) and a set of complementary apps and modules. Unfortunately, that package hasn't been updated since January 2012, and time marches on.

Building on the flimsy excuse that there may be security vulnerabilities in one or more of the packages that make up Mingus now, I'm leaping into the present with a shiny new toy -- an installation of Ghost.

I'm not completely sure what's going to end up being posted here, or how frequently I'll be posting, but at least there's something more interesting than "coming soon..." on the front page now.

Stay tuned for more!