I'm posting this to express solidarity with Kiwi Farms (and stick my neck out for them). Freedom of speech is important, and when everyone from government officials to mainstream press outlets are flexing every muscle they can to support and defend pedophiles by censoring the people who document their behaviors, everyone should be worried. This machine doesn't stop once it starts rolling, and it becomes less discriminate about its targets as it progresses.

From Kiwi Farms' operator Joshua Moon:

Bend the knee, or else
I don't like addressing Twitter retards but I love this tweet because it's so mask off.

This has not a single thing to do with the purported causus belli: swatting, irl harassment, or 'justice' for anyone - these are all lies.

It's about deranged perverts memory holing their tweets where they said they wanted to rape women.

Cancel culture always gloats and celebrates its wins, no matter how fleeting, and almost always prematurely. Kiwi Farms will survive this (because it always has), and the people who know the truth about it are still out there paying close attention to who's taking an active role in dismantling what's left of free discourse on the internet.

Remember, people are watching this who don't post (or even browse) Kiwi Farms. They remember things like this and they quietly support and contribute to "off the grid" efforts (that I won't detail here) to replace this crippled infrastructure with something a child molester can't silence no matter how many politicians and Silicon Valley companies he has in his pocket. Significant progress is being made and there is hope yet that good will still triumph over evil. It won't be televised and the censorship brigade won't be invited.

And they have long memories. When this 1984-esque machine turns on you, and you come crying to anyone who will listen about how unfair this "censorship" suddenly is, they will politely remind you that you were warned, and they will turn our backs on you and leave you to wallow in the moat you helped dig.

Enjoy your soak with the pigs, censors. I personally can't wait to relish the squealing when it comes.