In news that will surprise only the naive people who attacked the site in the first place, Kiwi Farms is back online on the clearnet (the site itself never went down but was – for a short time – only accessible via Tor (that dang dirty evil "darknet")).

I'll never understand why people think they can kill sites like Kiwi Farms – which has broken no laws and has actively cooperated with law enforcement in the past when a criminal investigation into someone's behavior leads them to a post on the site – when the copyright cartel has spent nearly twenty years and over a billion dollars trying to kill [The Pirate Bay]( without success.

Censors and tyrants do love to flex their muscles and point their dark weapons at people who don't fear them, I suppose. Ah well.

In related news, I'm brewing up a project of my own that may well attract some unpleasant attention. All the wrong people have gotten away with truly disturbing and dangerous behavior for far too long and hidden behind self-assigned labels to protect themselves from criticism. I've decided it's time to start holding their feet to the fire for a change instead of watching them try to silence sites like Kiwi Farms. As the Excelsior's captain said in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country: "alright, now we've given him something else to shoot at."