I haven't used reddit for years – it's an echo chamber of bad ideas and control freaks – but a screenshot from a post from another forum caught my eye:

Upvoted wrongthink? That's a paddlin'.

This is a fascinating concept to me. User A posted a comment somewhere on the site. User B upvoted the comment (but did not post a reply to it). Later, someone was offended by the comment and reported it to reddit's administrators, who determined User A's comment was "abusive" for some reason (probably for pointing out that only women can get pregnant or something equally reality-affirming), deleted the comment and then undoubtedly banned User A for posting it.

Then they punished User B ex post facto for upvoting the offending post, as if to indicate that merely agreeing with a post that offends someone is itself an offensive action.

Go home reddit. You're drunk. Why anyone still uses that garbage web site is beyond me.

Also, this was just too special to not share:

The Recount: Men can totes get pregnant, you filthy transphobic liar!

We truly live in clown world.